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What is a Campus Manager?

network > make sales > earn $$$

South By Sea Campus Managers are passionate, motivated college students who all have one thing in common - they love the products and designs we create at South By Sea! Each Campus Manager serves as our personal representative on campus, helping their fellow students find the perfect products and designs for their organization's custom apparel needs.

The Perks

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Uncapped commission, opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in a semester

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Leadership, sales & marketing experience for the perfect resume booster

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Connect with students on your campus from all chapters/orgs

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Promotion opportunities

Happy Campus Managers

Derik Barron - Pi Kappa Phi, Sonoma State

Derik Barron

Pi Kappa Phi, Sonoma State

My name is Derik Barron and I am a communications major at Sonoma State University! I enjoy working for South by Sea because I know I have a strong support system for any projects I am working on. It has taught me how to be self driven and really helped me gain knowledge on how to communicate with people. This job has provided me great networking skills as well and I am so glad to be able to represent such an awesome company!
Jarod Hayes - Phi Gamma Delta, Ball State

Jarod Hayes

Phi Gamma Delta, Ball State

Ordering from South by Sea for a little over 6 months now, I've really just been thankful for how easy they are to work with, as well as, being supportive and attentive with orders. Right from my first order, I felt like I could feel the passion each South by Sea worker has in their projects with others. Not only the hospitality, but the amount of options they have on their website for orders is insane. From colors, to apparel options, to the brands, it really lets you open up your mind and create what you want to create. Even though it's just making orders for my Fraternity, it really feels like they've welcomed me into the South by Sea family.
Charlie Havens - Zeta Beta Tau, College of Charleston

Charlie Havens

Zeta Beta Tau, College of Charleston

I love working for South by Sea for so many reasons. It's such a great experience to get to take initiative and reach out to new people about starting orders. But it's also so fun to work on orders with my friends! I also love the amount of flexibility it offers. With a busy schedule it's still completely manageable to be a Campus Manager, and it's work I actually enjoy!

Movers + Shakers

Invaluable experience and involvement as a CM advances our CMs to incredible companies.

Nordstrom, Stanley Black & Decker, Amazon, Disney, Marriot, Accenture

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