Frequently Asked Questions

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Covid-19 Updates

What's the cost of individual shipping?

Typically an additional $4.50 per t-shirt and $7.00 per sweatshirt based on the weight to ship each item.

Is turnaround time for my order delayed?

We are working as quick as we can to get all orders out the door! Turnaround times are currently at 10 business days for bulk delivery orders. Add an additional 2-5 days for individual shipping.

How can I pay for my order?

We have four options to pay for your order:

  • You can pay with an invoice for the entire order with bulk shipping,
  • Pay with an invoice for the entire order with individual shipping,
  • Pay through an individual payment link with bulk shipping,
  • Pay through an individual payment and individual shipping link.
Can you put a hold on my order? My event has been pushed back or canceled temporarily.

Yes! We hold on to all order information until you are ready to place your order. We understand that events are uncertain right now and we are more than happy to hold orders until dates are confirmed.

Will I get a tracking email for my order?

Yes, you will get a tracking number and email notification once your order ships!

General Questions

Do you sell blank products/garments?

We do not!

Do you only offer Screen Printing?

No way! We do everything from silk screen printing, embroidery, tackle twill, foil and so much more. Have you checked out our accessories section? Popsockets, foam fingers, pens, even cow bells -- If you want it, we can create it! 

Can I purchase artwork you have created without getting shirts printed?

No, we do not offer our artwork separately outside of screen printing.

Do you only print Greek related apparel/merchandise?

Definitely not! We print for anyone and anything- high schools, non-profits, local business, etc. 

Are you Greek licensed?

In short, of course! In order to print official Greek merchandise, a company MUST be Greek licensed! Greek life chapters are required to order from an officially licensed company when placing orders so a percentage goes back to each chapter’s headquarters.

Greek licensed companies are also required to submit designs to Greek licensing for approval before printing. South by Sea has no control over what is approved/not approved by a National Organization after it is submitted to Greek licensing. 

How long does it take to receive my artwork request?

We do our best to get your artwork to you as soon as possible. We aim for 2 business days. This time can vary depending on how busy we are! If your request is urgent, please email your confirmation number and we can rush your request for you!

Are there any hidden charges?

The price you’re quoted is the price you pay! Sizes 2XL+ are a $2 upcharge and there are applicable sales tax charges for delivery depending on your state.


Can I customize a design I see on the site?

Of course! Any design on our site can be customized for your chapter. Just include notes on your proof request for what you would like changed!

Can I order something that isn't on your website?

More than likely, yes! If there is something you are wanting that is not listed on our website, please contact and we will locate the product for you!

Do you charge for custom designs and revisions?

No, unlike other companies we offer completely free artwork and UNLIMITED revisions! Just let us know what you’re wanting incorporated into your design and we’ll make it perfect for you.

Do you have a minimum quantity amount I need to order?

We recommend a minimum of 10 pieces per printed design, unless otherwise noted on the product. Promotional products such as water bottles, buttons, stickers, etc. often have minimum requirements based on the production process. Minimums are always noted in the product description in our apparel/accessories section!

Can I order 1 or 2 shirts of a design?

To order 1 or 2 items, please use our design studio option!

Can you do custom names and numbers?

Yes! If you are in a Greek organization, custom names will need to be submitted to Greek licensing for approval.

What is an Account Manager and who is mine?

Your AM makes things happen at South by Sea! She is your main contact on orders and will be the one to send you your initial mock!

Do you do rush orders?

If your order is needed before our standard turnaround, we will do our best to meet your due date but please note that rush fees may apply and you will be informed if so.

Do you offer youth garments?

Of course, if you would like to offer your design on both Youth and Adult sizes, be sure to let your AM know right away and we will walk you through the different printing options. 

Do you ship outside of the United States?

We ship to the US and Canada! 

Do you offer bag and tag on orders?

Unfortunately, this is not offered at this time!

How long does Greek licensing review take?

Greek licensing typically takes 2-3 business days for review. During peak season, it can be closer to 4. Always let us know as soon as your design is finalized and ready to be submitted. We are able to expedite an order's review process, but a small fee will incur.

Do you have licensing for my university?

More than likely! We are constantly gaining new licenses from universities. Feel free to check in with your Account Manager for more information.

Does my University have a Campus rep?

We’re so glad you asked, we have hundreds of reps nation wide! Email if you would like to get in touch with someone on your campus. If you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to apply here. We are always actively growing our South By Sea family! 

Do you charge shipping or taxes?

Bulk shipping on every order is always free in the continental USA! Orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may be subject to shipping charges. 

Taxes will be applied on all orders submitted.

My chapter loved our shirts! Where should I send pictures?

Pass any photos on to or tag us in Instagram @southbyseacollege. We would love to feature you! 

Do you price match?

Yes! We price match exact items from licensed company formal quotes based on product, decoration method, number of colors, and turnaround time/rush fees. Ask your Account Manager for more information.

Can I do different products but have the same design printed on them?

Yes! You can mix different products with the same design, all counting towards the same minimum. For example: Your chapter is difficult and can’t decide on ONE color for a formal shirt — simple, offer two! (or three)

Do you do custom pockets/fronts for campus wide orders?

Of course. We have no limit on custom pocket front designs. Include every organization and make everyone happy!

Custom fronts do come with custom pricing so make sure your Account Manager is in the loop! 

Does South by Sea do upcharges on apparel for organizations that are trying to raise money through a fundraiser?

We do — and no shady business! Your upcharge will only be less if we have to pay a royalty fee to your university for using their name.

Do you offer samples of products?

We do! If you are considering a product you have never worn or seen in person and are concerned about the fit or color, please request a sample from your Account Manager. 


How do I start an order?

Starting an order is SO simple! Simply click 'Start Designing’ on our top navigation and fill out the form questions asked. You can also start an order directly from a product or design!

How long does it take to get my order?

Our turnaround time is 9-12 business days for all standard orders. We offer ush delivery options on checkout! Specialty items may have a longer turnaround time but that would be noted on the product details for you. Always let your Account Manager know if you are working with a firm due date and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Where can I find my order id/version number/etc?

An Order ID is how we locate your order in our system, this can be found along with the version number through the middle of your mock!

Will the price change on my link if the more than the minimum is sold?

In short, no. When an online buy link is created, a minimum is chosen by the order coordinator to set pricing for the link. When the order is closed, all orders are processed for the amount set on the link.

How do I place an order?

We have a couple ways to place orders:

The first option is placing a bulk order through your email. This is the most common way we receive orders! To make the process go quickly prepare this info -- sizing, pricing, when you need the order by, and the bulk shipping address. After we've collected all of this information, you will be sent an invoice and order confirmation from your AM. This means your order has been sent to production and is on its way to you! Placing a final order means that you are 100% satisfied with the design and apparel on your current proof and are ready to proceed with the order. Always be sure to double check all details on your mock prior to filling out the form. Any cancellations or changes must be made within 24 hours of receiving your invoice.

Our second way to order is through an online store for bulk and/or individual ordering. This way allows each member of your organization or team to access the link on their own time and place their order with a personal credit or debit card. Cards are charged at the time of purchase and will be refunded it the order minimum is not met and they must close ten full business days before your order is needed in hands.

What is your return policy?

Since all orders are custom produced, we do not accept returns unless the item(s) ordered is defective or the wrong item(s) is received. We must be notified of the defective/incorrect item(s) within 30 days of product delivery. After 30 days the customer must accept the product in the condition it was received. We are not responsible for the treatment of the product(s) you receive after it has been delivered such as how you wash or wear your product. If an order is delivered with a misprint or defect, it is at South By Sea’s discretion to give the option of reprinting or refunding the customer for the item(s).

You are responsible for ordering correctly. We are not responsible for instructions that we do not receive, instructions we receive late or instructions that are not possible to follow. We are also not responsible for any incorrect instructions you may provide. We do not accept responsibility for any errors that are entirely the responsibility of the customer, such as misspellings, incorrect sizes, incorrect proof versions, etc. Since we do offer garment samples and size charts, South by Sea is not liable if you are not happy with the product chosen. Reprinting for such errors will be done at the customer's expense. 

South By Sea is not responsible for items that must be discontinued because they are no longer available from the vendor. We reserve the right to modify our website including these policies at any time without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these policies. When placing an order with South By Sea, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described in these policies.

I forgot a few sizes on my order! How do I add those on?

If you act fast, a quick email to your Account Manager will get those sizes added! 

I need to order less/more than the quantity of shirts I was originally quoted for. Will the price change?

Yes, quantity is a factor in pricing so check in with your Account Manager for an updated quote before placing your order!

I received more shirts than my chapter ordered, will I be charged?

We would never do that! South by Sea always includes a few extras on every order in case of misprints so no worries, they are yours to keep!

I’m working on a budget, is that okay?

Of course! Let us know your budget restrictions ASAP!

I have an emergency! Who do I contact?

Yikes! Email your Account Manager (the email your proofs were sent from) or

Do you do discount pricing on re-orders?

Yes! Email your Account Manager if you would like to set up a reorder.

Invoicing & Payment

How do I pay for an order?

If you submitted a final order, you (or the invoice contact) will be sent an invoice by email. You can pay the invoice with a check by mail, online with a credit or debit card or through PayPal. If mailing a check, please include your invoice number on the check or a copy of your invoice.

If your order is through a bulk order link, card information will be taken at checkout. Cards will be charged at the end of the link/time of production. 

What does it mean when I receive an invoice?

Receiving an invoice means that your Account Manager has received your final order and that production has begun. When you submit a final order form, you are committing to placing your order. If circumstances change and you need to cancel your order after you have submitted your final order, it must be canceled within 24 hours of receiving your invoice. Please note, if an order is cancelled you may be charged a restocking fee for the garments ordered.

I ordered from an online store, when will my card be charged?

All orders through bulk shipping links will be processed when the link has ended. Your card will not be charged until the end of the store.

Help! My invoice says payment is due now.

No worries, we allow a 30 day grace period on invoices. 

Do you require payment for production?

We do not — this means we put your order into production as soon as we have your final order form. 

I ordered a shirt but my card was declined. Can I still get the shirt?

Yes! Your order was not cancelled. We sent you an invoice that you can pay by card. Act fast, your chapter's order is waiting on your payment!

How do split payments work?

If you are unable to pay the full amount on your invoice, we do allow payments at different times to cover the full balance within the 30 days.